Simulacra Sound is a small group of audio engineers and musicians who recognize that professional recording isn't always within reach of great musicians and bands.Through a dual focus on keeping our overhead down while using the best equipment available, we strive to deliver professional grade recording while not breaking the bank.

Simply put, we don't' have a brick and mortar studio and we don't think we need one. If you've got a space, we'll use that, bringing in our mobile (analogue and digital) recording rig,  top of the line microphones, mobile acoustic treatments, drum shield, and anything else the space might need to sound perfect. If you don't have a space, we'll still bring everything needed, but we'll meet you at one of our rehearsal spaces. Either way, you're getting a professional product for a fraction of the cost of a traditional studio.

No matter if you've got a live set you want captured or an album you want everyone to hear, or just a song you want to put to tape - we're happy to work with you to get it done.

Ready to Hit Record?

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