Best in Class Mobile Recording Rigs

We use the best analogue and digital outboard gear for your recording process. Our standard setup can handle 16 separate tracks through an Audient ASP 880 and a Focusrite 8Pre.

Best in Class Microphones

We use the microphones that are right for the sound you want to achieve.  We have a substantial mic locker at our disposal. That said, we're currently big fans of the Rodes NTK for vocals and the Sennheiser e906 series for anything coming out of an amplifier.


Standard 20 Channel Recording Rig

  • Universal Audio 8P - 8 Channels
  • Audient ASP800 - 8 Channels
  • Universal Audio 4-710D 4 Channel Tube Preamp

Standard Microphones

  • Sennheiser e906s
  • Shure SM57s
  • Rodes NTK Tube Condenser
  • AKG Pro Concert1 Drum Mix kit (expanded)
  • AKG P220s

Hit Record....

Let's put this gear and our expertise to work for you. Every project is custom priced to make sure you get what you need for the budget that you have. Contact us to get started.